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Introducing Mandriva Kiosk

Expand your Mandriva Linux distribution in one click!

Mandriva Kiosk provides a catalog of the best Open Source software, selected, bundled and tested by the Mandriva team.

Installing new software has never been easier!

The latest version of the KDE desktop environment, office suite, proprietary drivers (ATI, NVidia, Prism...) and applications (Acrobat Reader(TM), Macromedia Flash (TM)...), games, multimedia applications and even server administration tools: easy to choose, easy to install, easy to enjoy.

One click is all it takes!

You can subscribe to Kiosk now or enjoy Kiosk for free if you are a Mandriva Club member (Standard level and above).

Important! Before your start

Mandriva Kiosk requires a certain system configuration to ensure compatibility. Please read these requirements carefully before you use Kiosk. If you have a doubt, send your questions to

Note that, for the moment, available packages are only for 32 bits architectures. Some pretty large software bundles are available on Kiosk, so a broadband Internet connection is recommended.

1. You need a fully updated Mandriva Linux 2006.0 (Official) distribution.

Only Mandriva One, Discovery/Lx, PowerPack, PowerPack+, Free and Mandriva One Special Club Edition are supported. Mandriva Linux 2007.0 is not yet supported. Cooker, Community (eg. Club Xmas Edition) and Legacy versions (2005, 10.1, etc.) are not supported.

Download Mandriva One for free now!

2. You need to update these 4 packages

Simply click on the packages, choose "open with software installer" and once the installer shows up, choose "install". Warning : these updates are mandatory for Kiosk to function correctly.

3. You need a valid Kiosk account

Only Kiosk subscribers and Mandriva Club members (except Alumni) can install software from Kiosk. Enjoy all the simplicity of installing new software from the web in one click by subscribing to Mandriva Kiosk.

4. You must use Mozilla Firefox (1.0.6 or above) or Konqueror (3.4.2 or above)

Only Mozilla Firefox and Konqueror are supported for the moment. Epiphany and Opera will soon join the list.

Subscribe to Mandriva Kiosk

Two ways to get access to the Mandriva Kiosk:

1- Subscribe to Kiosk and get a one year access for only 29.90 euros (special launch offer!).

2- Subscribe to the Mandriva Club and get access to all the Club benefits plus the Kiosk! Prices start at 11 euros per month for a Silver account.

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